Spirit Energy Flakes

Spirit Energetical Flakes

  • These things existed before visible space and visible spirit-energetic matter came into existence as solid coarse material as we know it today.
  • They developed over time and in strength to the stage where they could then be counted as tangible and of appearance.
  • They had the appearance of a sort of milky looking mesh cereal-textured tissue weave with variously mathematically symmetrical latticing. But were not at this stage what we today describe as an ‘orb’ of light seen peripherally and with digital photography equipment, that transition came later.
  • They floated through the depths of the universe for an unspecified duration of time as they evolved. The evolution itself has no specific information about trajectory, length of time and distance traversed.
  • They contained within themselves the spiritual and material life. Over time this became more a realisation as they evolved and grew and so much so that later more a cognition developed that a spiritual and material life then could become more substantial an instance.
  • They developed spiritual perceptions and as they grew further knowledge, truth, logic and wisdom manifested into existence as an inner-creational form. Whilst concurrently the material life outwardly grew in visible and tangible form and they thus changed and transformed.
  • Many further evolutionary factors were then initiated.

Source: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Spirit-energy-flakes

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