Understanding the Term “Creation”

Excerpt from contact 18, Thursday, 15th May 1975, 9:34 PM (pp. 150 – 154) Plejaren contact reports, conversations, Volume 1

  1. Before we discuss other things today, I would like to proceed with the spiritual teaching,
    as it is the most important thing of all.
  2. The human being should try to react to the word or the term “Creation” as if something
    very beautiful or good is being referred to, through which a change should be effected in
    his thinking.
  3. Because, as long as this does not happen, he has not recognised Creation as it really is.
  4. But how can the word and the name “Creation” attain such a deep significance for the
    human being that a change in his entire psychological way of behaving occurs -in his
    emotional awareness, his awareness of life, his ways of reacting -if he does not constantly
    and repeatedly contemplate the nature of Creation?
  5. The human being should try quite simply to bring certain characterising words, which are
    applicable in regard to the nature of Creation -like, “everpresent”, “almighty” and “allknowing” -into association with the word or the designation “Creation”.
  6. The every-day human being and everyone, the so-called atheist, the egoist and
    materialist, and the agnostic, find the word “Creation” highly uninteresting.
  7. Yet why?
  8. To them it is entirely unknown -and they have no idea -what Creation essentially is.
  9. But so it is with very many human beings with the term “Creation”.
  10. Billions of people who are misled by religion do not understand the word “Creation”.
  11. When they pronounce the unreal religious title, “God”, then they have gone astray with
    the view that Creation is named thereby.
  12. Yet what an evil false teaching that is.
  13. Therefore it is very important to know as much as possible about the nature of Creation
    and ascertain it so that the word becomes meaningful, raises one inwardly and leaves an
    impression as soon as it is heard.
  14. Experience reveals that Creation is infinite beauty, a beauty above all beauty, boundless,
    intensive happiness without end, wisdom, knowledge, ability, truth and absolute certainty.
  15. Once that is recognised by the human being, then he instantly traces every one of his
    joys back to its origin, to the infinite joy of Creation.
  16. Wherever he sees something beautiful, be it a flower, an animal or a human being, or
    anything else, he thus instantly brings it into association with the infinite beauty of Creation
  17. Wherever the human being sees cognition reach expression, in this or any form, in an
    impressive and exalted manner, then he knows that it has its roots in the endless cognition
    which is Creation.
  18. Wherever life stirs -be it even in just the tiniest being, in a creature, such as, for
    example, the microbe -there, behind this life, he glimpses the infinite, the eternal and the
  19. From that, he attempts to deepen and expand his understanding and feeling by
    contemplating the nature of the creational and its inseparable presence, at any time and in
    any space, in many kinds of ways, in daily life and experience.
  20. Creation exists in every human being as a fragment of itself.
  21. Once this thought has deeply penetrated the human being and become his experience,
    then any fear and all doubt in him disappear.
  22. Once he knows that Creation is all-knowing and almighty then he gains inner peace and
    security and is immune from stupid thoughts and wrong feelings.
  23. Repeated contemplation about the ever-present, the truth, wisdom and the ability and
    knowledge of Creation as constantly eternal, as dignity and value, allows the word and the
    designation “Creation” to become something very meaningful in the human being –
    something which evokes transformations in the feelings, and transformations in his manner
    of thinking.
  24. The more his intelligence is effective in this direction the more it gains radiating light,
    the more powerful his personality becomes, and the more blessed his entire life and work.
  25. Again and again the human being who lives in clarity of consciousness produces in
    himself, anew, the strong, spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling[1] that the creational is far more
    real than that which his body feels.
  26. This spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling incessantly rules the human being who lives for the
  27. The creational takes possession of his consciousness whereby his way of thinking is full
    of peace, strength, joy, knowledge, wisdom, truth and hope.
  28. All the measures which the normal human being grasps in his material-intellectual
    thinking, in order to attain peace, happiness and strength, always show themselves as
    deceitful, while this constant controlledness, of the human being who is living according to
    spirit, is pulsed through with the dynamic power of Creation.
  29. The human being who lives for spirit is very dynamic in all things.
  30. He incessantly attempts to reach his fulfilment[2] as quickly as possible.
  31. Therefore, as long as he lives, he uses the time -with all the energy available to him -for
    devoting himself to creational ability.
  32. He will never allow this undertaking to be lost.
  33. Everything possible can happen in the course of time, yet his desire for the creational
    will never cease in him.
  34. He can encounter hindrances; he can suddenly have no sense and taste any more for
    necessary material things, yet he never loses the taste and sense for Creation because he
    knows that Creation embodies true BEING.
  35. Only those human beings who fight hard for consciousness goods and progress, and
    spiritual goods and progress, and for knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom and love, harvest the
    spirit’s and consciousness’ enormous fruits, because these do not simply fall into their laps.
  36. First, before the first results can be obtained, it is necessary to learn the spiritualintellectual manner of thinking, that is to say, the path of creational thinking, and to
    recognise its absolute correctness and certainty.
  37. Indeed, once these first results come about, then the cognisant one steps onward with
    great steps and expands himself in spirit and consciousness to a factor of might.
  38. Only through this, do already known facts, knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom and love –
    which first, however, must be gained through hard work become self-evident.
  39. Yet the path does not end at this point, because further seeking, further searching,
    further development and further recognition lead into the boundless duration of time.
  40. In the course of time, everything possible may happen which keeps the human being
    from planned action, yet the human being who lives in accord with spirit knows no bounds
    and does not allow himself to be kept from his determinations[3] by any kind of events or
    bad future outlooks.
  41. For him, the future already exists in the present, so everything must be done here and
    now in order to achieve the highest spiritual state and highest state of consciousness.
  42. He does not know the fear of the future nor fear about the future because they only
    exist in a material-intellectual way of thinking, but never in spiritual-intellectual thinking, in
    which the future is as present as the present itself.
  43. Thereby the human being who lives in accord with the spirit can, and may, solve the
    problems of tomorrow and the next day already, here and now, and steer them along the
    desired paths.
  44. To think for, and with, the spirit brings only advantages to every life-form.
  45. Therefore the human being should raise himself more and more, through intensive
    seeking and searching, into the state of spiritual thinking and into the knowledge about
    creational truth and wisdom.
  46. He should, again and again, create in himself the strong, spiritual-finesensitive feeling
    that something is there -namely, the truth of Creation which gives him immeasurable
    power and frees him from unreal assumptions.
  47. The human being should always -again and again -create within himself the strong,
    spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling that he is in the sea of creational light, its wisdom, its
    knowledge, of truth, logic and love, which, alone, entirely enables the BEING of life for him.
  48. The joy of the human being who is turned towards Creation exists as a result of
    attesting to his veneration for the creational and Creation, in that he accepts the almighty
    will in the creational laws, and makes the absolute certainty of these laws his own destiny,
    and utilises them to good effect.
  49. He expresses his dedication to the laws through the learning and utilisation of all
    spiritual facts and facts pertaining to the consciousness, but never through belief,
    assumptions, serving and submissiveness.
  50. The only way to learn is through unremitting effort and striving to obtain higher spiritual
    cognitions and higher cognitions pertaining to the consciousness, and by applying the
    abilities which have unfolded through this.
  51. Of decisive significance thereby are patience and endurance and the development of
    higher understanding, recognition and application of cosmic and universal love, deepening
    of spiritual knowledge and ability and deepening of knowledge and ability pertaining to the
    consciousness, as well as the switching off of material-intellectual thought-powers such as
    egoism, materialism, pride, envy, greed and jealousy, and so forth, because only this
    guarantees the recognition and following of the creational laws.
  52. The human being who thinks spiritually constantly makes the effort to direct Creation to
    himself and to make it recognisable in himself by means of his attempts to make possible
    that which is impossible for normal human beings -and indeed with success.
  53. Day after day, month after month and year after year the human being who is devoted
    to the spirit calls upon the creational and thereby gains knowledge, wisdom, love, logic,
    truth and power, until he finally experiences the creational in himself, and is able to get
    useful value from it, whereby it becomes more real to him than the feelings experienced by
    his body.
  54. While he associates with other human beings and speaks with them, he sees before him
    only the creational.
  55. While he sees others before him, he sees only the creational in them, because, for him,
    the creational is always in the first position.
  56. For him, the creational is the greatest of all things, for which reason, everything within
    him is confronted with the creational, and material things are no longer able to awaken
    longing in him.
  57. He is no longer at the mercy of material temptations, because that which is concealed
    within him as spiritual knowledge and ability, and knowledge and ability pertaining to the
    consciousness, is his dialogue partner and his guide.
  58. He speaks and converses with it, and he lives with it in the given laws of Creation.
  59. This way of living means BEING in truth, and this BEING is incomparably more beautiful
    than this universe’s most beautiful manifestation.
  60. Nothing is able to tempt such a developed human being any longer; not the greatest
    wealth of the world, nor a death threat expressed to him by creatures disposed to evil.
  61. His inner wealth in the creational is inexhaustible and imperishable, and nothing is able
    to awaken any kind of fear in him, because that with which he lives, and which enlivens his
    BEING, is infinite might.
  62. Therefore nothing is able to mislead him to untruth and falseness, because his entire
    BEING is in the creational cognition of infinite truth.
  63. Nothing may wrongly lead him into the darkness of misleading thoughts from external
    powers, because each split second of his spiritual-intellectual thinking is infinite light.
  64. Nothing is able to change his BEING-sense of truth or make him unhappy, because he
    lives in the BEING of Creation and in its sense, and he lives in infinite joy.
  65. If the human being, however, has a bad or negative attitude regarding the spiritual
    things of life, himself and Creation, then nothing at all will flourish for him.
  66. Even a very favourable circumstance, which would otherwise be very valuable, becomes
    a source of misfortune and strife for him if his attitude is only material-intellectual and this
    form of his thoughts and feelings also influences the environment.
  67. Even if the concerned human being pursues the best intentions, however good they
    may be, the result, in this case, will be entirely negative.
  68. However, for the human being who lives in accord with spirit, everything always
    constitutes the right circumstances for inner growth and is a very good opportunity, in
    every form, to pay tribute to that which is creational.
  69. Truly, only the human being who constantly carries and maintains high and noble
    spiritual thoughts and spiritual feelings in himself is great; and one can only name as
    creational the human being who constantly lives and thinks in the consciousness of the
    creational in himself.
  70. That means that human beings who are great in terms of their material intellect can be
    just as completely un-creational and, spiritually, absolutely insignificant, just as peaceinstigators can be, along with saints of religion, helpers in emergency, misery and sickness,
    and, not least, those who stand at the very front in wars, and so forth, and carry out
    medical services, and so forth.
    71.Those kinds of human beings are mostly only driven by thirst for adventure, by pity and
    self-pity and other wrong, material-intellectual thoughts, and the feelings resulting from
    them, without the slightest recognition of possessing the creational within themselves.
  71. Very often they are misled through un-real religions which preach false neighbourly love
    and equally false divine teachings, and formulas for submissiveness.
  72. Yet what is the difference between such life-forms and that of the human being who
    lives in accord with the spirit?
  73. In general, the normal human being allows himself to be guided and conquered by base,
    material-intellectual sentiments.
  74. If he does have good feelings, then they are never constant and soon disappear again
    to, again, make room for lower sentiments.
  75. He who, on the other hand, is a human being living for spirit, never allows even the
    smallest creational inclinations to subside, rather he grasps them and infinitely expands
  76. Base inclinations find no anchorage in him, because the waters of wisdom and
    knowledge in him are too deep to enable a base and short anchor chain to reach the
  77. The human being who lives in accord with spirit constantly attempts always, and under
    all circumstances -to maintain himself in the vibrational realm of creational inclinations.
  78. Should this be endangered by some kind of influences, then he calls on the highest
    power of Creation and thus protects himself, with its highest vibrational power, from the
  79. He proceeds in this manner until the creational essence in him has created the absolute
    certainty of defence against the negative.
  80. The human being is always the bearer of something or other.
  81. Many bear oppressive feelings within themselves, others bear grief, worries, problems,
    hopes, and other thoughts of a material-intellectual nature.
  82. Also fears and imaginations of images of any kind -good or ugly belong in his materialintellectual thinking.
  83. But the human being, who lives in accord with the spirit, is a bearer of the creational, of
    the spiritual.
  84. He is a bearer of Creation, a conscious bearer of spirit, because he constantly carries the
    knowledge and ability of the creational laws in himself; and the more the old nature of the
    material-intellectual thinking would like to make him the bearer of its un-logic, the more he
    works intensively to make the creational in himself prevalent and to anchor it securely.
  85. He immediately transforms, into creational power and wisdom, even the most negative
    thoughts which come, and want to destroy, his spiritual-intellectual thinking.
  86. In this way he makes everything creational and carries it, within himself, as a power
  87. Thereby he is a walking temple of Creation.
  88. The intelligence of human beings living for Creation becomes ever more spiritual and
    advances ever deeper into spiritual consciousness.
  89. The human being who lives in accord with spirit, penetrates ever deeper into all things
    with his cognitive faculty and comprehends the warmth of the fire of the creational
    presence in everything.
  90. Thereby, the spiritually thinking human being recognises, and is conscious of, the power
    and the truth of the creational presence everywhere.
  91. That which therefore remains unrecognised by the everyday perception of the senses is
    perceived with the spiritual consciousness by the human being who lives in accord with
  92. He therefore always sees, in all things and life-forms, the creational presence and the
    application of the creational laws.
  93. He possesses a spiritual image of the power of Creation’s presence, and he dedicates all
    the precious energies of his life and BEING to creational knowledge, its truth, power and
    wisdom, and thereby to the ability of his fragment of Creation which lives within him – his
  94. The material life on Earth is like a fleeting game, an evaporating phenomenon; but
    behind it lies the eternal and timeless truth: the spirit, the creational presence and the
    reality of Creation.
  95. This creational reality bears within itself all realms and spheres pertaining to the
    capacity for wisdom.
  96. It is this which remains; the timelessly constant and imperishable.
  97. This is no game, rather it is eternal and timeless truth and wisdom, knowledge,
    freedom, love, logic and ability, relative perfection, absolute certainty.
  98. Very many people are afraid to live in the sense of Creation, and they think, and are of
    the opinion, that they must remain only with the one who is supposed to take their fear of
    death from them; with a god of a religion, who, in intentional false teaching and, for his
    very own benefit, has promised to take away their fear of death, if, in erroneous belief, they
    submissively believe his lies, whereby they are enslaved by him and lose their freedom of
  99. The constant repetition of this religious false teaching causes the believers to find
    imagined and deceitful fulfilment, and subject themselves to an evil delusion which
    prevents all their rationality pertaining to consciousness, whereby also their spiritualintellectual thoughts are hindered and oppressed and enslaved.
  100. Only very few human beings are not afraid to live in the sense of Creation, and know
    that this alone guarantees life and BEING, because this thereby fulfills the creational laws,
    and they, in turn, make life and BEING into life and BEING.

Everything that you say sounds so understandable and logical -if only the human beings
could grasp it.

  1. They certainly will, yet it will not be overnight.
  2. You and your group lay only the foundation stones for an avalanche, which will only
    start to roll at a very much later time.
    I know. We have already often spoken about that. But now I have yet another question,
    which was directed at me …

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