Fruit for Thoughts: Overpopulation 

by Achim Wolf, FIGU Switzerland.
The human being lives in the excess of his overpopulation as if he owned the Earth, but he is only an iota of the great whole and a guest and is, if it is taken exactly, absolutely dispensable for the planet and its nature and all its ecosystems, because these get along absolutely without the Earth’s humanity, whereas the human being cannot live without the whole of nature, which he and all its ecosystems and even the planet itself can destroy with all its evil machinations and means. 
There is truly no other living being on Earth that does this irrevocably and sustainably, only the human being alone, who destroys not only his own habitat, but also the habitat of all living beings. And so it happens for all habitats, namely for human beings themselves, for all animals, creatures and all self-propelled life-forms, as well as for all the largest and smallest plants worldwide on Earth, in its fields, floodplains, meadows and forests, in caves and other cavities in the Earth’s interior, in the mountains, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, puddles and rivulets, and also in the moors, swamps and marshes. And every day, around 160 life-forms of all genera and species are wiped out through the fault of human beings, as a result of their destruction and devastation of all these important ecological areas, and in some cases also through their direct actions in the form of shooting, poisoning or other forms of killing. However, despite all this monstrosity, it does not occur to the Earthling to drastically reduce its overpopulation in the completely normal way of a controlled birth stop and necessarily over a period of years in order to bring Earth’s humanity to a normal population level, which is to be calculated at around 500 million human beings for the entire Earth planet. This measure, however, is exceeded 18-fold in 2024 with 9.44 billion, whereby this overpopulation was created in only 300 years, namely from the year 1701, when 536 million, 718 thousand and 004 human beings still populated the Earth. 
Since ancient times, when Earthlings were not so old in years of life, they have become more capable of increasing their age through all kinds of life-prolonging drugs and food supplements, etc. The Earthling’s life expectancy has been increased. The human being’s life expectancy – at least in rich industrialised countries – has risen to around 75 years, in Japan over 80 years, while in southern and underdeveloped countries life expectancy is 50 to 60 years. Population growth in industrialised countries is currently not as serious as in countries where there is little or no industry – from where countless economic refugees are also seeking their way to industrialised European countries or to America and Canada, with many falling victim to death on the journey. However, this should not obscure the fact that more and more descendants are also increasing the population in the rich industrialised countries, which means that countless new residential buildings, silos, factories, roads, airport expansions, sports fields and paths etc. have to be built. This destroys the fertile land, requires more food, medicines, consumer goods, luxury items, means of transport, etc., etc., and also increasingly pollutes the entire environment, destroying and destroying all nature and every habitat for wildlife and plant life. 
The increase in populations on Earth is mainly and primarily taking place in the countries of India – which is expected to overtake the most populous country on Earth to date, China, in a few years – Egypt, Indonesia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Pakistan, the USA, the Democratic Republic of Congo and also Ethiopia, and so on. If the rampant overpopulation growth is not finally counteracted with a very strictly controlled, multi-year, global birth rate freeze, the entire world population will become so exuberant that it may rise to over 14 billion and everything will degenerate into a very nasty catastrophe. Environmental protection is already a farce, a lot of money is being spent on nonsensical and ineffective things because they will be outdated and worthless in a short space of time, because overpopulation has once again outstripped and cancelled everything out. If everything is not changed for the better very quickly and the already long-lived affluent human society is drastically reduced through a global and controlled birth stop, then nature will be further plundered and poisoned, contaminated and effectively ‘eaten dry’, the planet will be robbed of its remaining resources and then for the Earthlings its continued existence is indeed ‘Matthew at the last’. Everything will then be completely destroyed, irrevocably and much faster than human beings can imagine. But until it really gets to that point, it will become increasingly uncomfortable on the planet, because CO2emissions are getting worse and worse and are poisoning the atmosphere – along with other toxins – more and more, making it increasingly difficult and precarious and deadly for human beings – and all living things in general – to breathe. Many people are already dying of respiratory distress because breath-hardening toxins are being inhaled instead of pure oxygen, with the toxic gas CO2 in particular making up the largest proportion that hinders breathing. The production of food – food and drink – for human beings alone currently generates ⅓ of total CO2 emissions, and this amount will increase in relation to the further growth of humanity. As mentioned above, this figure may reach 14 billion (14,000,000,000) if it is not finally recognised and understood that only a worldwide and officially controlled stop to the birth rate can save us from extinction. All the nonsense that is being fabricated elsewhere, such as the attempt at failing and completely pointless as well as crazy, misguided environmental protection measures that cost millions and millions of dollars, will achieve nothing at all. This is because the only solution to saving planet Earth, all ecosystems, nature, its fauna and flora and human beings is to drastically and rapidly reduce overpopulation by stopping the birth rate worldwide and in a controlled manner. There is no other solution, so all other and completely thoughtless ‘efforts’ and ‘attempts’ etc. are completely pointless, but this does not occur to the environmental demonstrators, the ‘experts’ and loudmouths of environmental protection and the other ‘greats’ of those ‘specialists’ who know everything better and are not even capable of calculating and imagining what the future holds. They are also just as blind-sighted and mendacious as the parts of governments that lie to the people and conceal the real truth from them, thereby making money for their own pockets, as they have done and are still doing, for example, with the Corona pandemic resp. with the ineffective vaccinations against the Corona rampantly spreading disease, which according to earthly experts has cost over 17 million human lives, but to which the Plejaren declare that it was over 22 million. What the Earthlings are now spreading again, mainly a well-known Swiss daily newspaper – which also corresponds to a lie – is that over 1.4 million human beings have been saved, healed and saved from death with the completely worthless corona vaccinations, which probably only corresponds to a hoax to mislead, lie and deceive the people. The truth is that the corona vaccinations were initially carried out for months using only distilled water, which of course not only deceived the corona victims, who usually died, but was also absolutely criminal and only designed to make money, all of which filled the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies. Later, mixtures were produced that were no more effective than the distilled water, but had the opposite effect, which was even more unpleasant. And when you consider that no vaccine was available when the coronavirus pandemic broke out – which was artificially created in China at the request of a citizen of the USA as an act of revenge – then any human being with even half a brain can imagine the lies and deceit behind the completely useless coronavirus vaccinations. These were advocated and even partly ordered by completely irresponsible politicians, but now other politicians are coming along and insulting those who are now revealing the truth that they themselves have witnessed. Some of the politicians who deny the truth, as well as persons who also take themselves seriously, who are actually rivets and only think like fools, either belong to the faith or are even more stupid than lowly intelligent. In their low intelligence, they even believe that certain fraudulent ‘experts’ are the ultimate in knowledge, which is why they are now attacking the bearers of truth in a lowly intelligent and simple-minded manner and insinuating that they are lying and also claiming that they are ‘humiliating’ the country’s ‘most successful and important industry’ – by which they mean the fraudulently enriching pharmaceutical industry, and only the one that has supplied distilled water and ‘hot air’ and untested ‘vaccines’. According to Plejaren’s investigations, vaccines against the Corona rampantly spreading disease were put into circulation and used as a vaccination which, just a few months after vaccination, not only caused vaginal bleeding in women who were on the way to ending their menopause or menstrual cycle or had left it behind and thus ended it – whether they are still used today is to be clarified – but also caused health problems. According to Plejaren’s investigations and information, these vaccinations particularly attacked the uterus, which could be affected by cancer as a result. 
Those who attack those who spread the truth and accuse them of lies and insinuations etc. Those who accuse the truth-spreaders of lies and insinuations etc. and think that the fraudulent ‘experts’ are smarter should take a good look at themselves – whose names should not be mentioned for the time being, but which may still be necessary – who knows … They think and feel great and powerful and are obviously windy sneaks who themselves know that the propagated and applied vaccinations were and still are just ‘hot air’, but by attacking the truth-tellers they are only doing this to make ‘good weather’ in order to keep their government positions. Their nasty behaviour of the nasty insulters and their lack of conscience, whereby they make a mess of the righteous who try to bring the truth to light and openly say what kind of dirty work is being done in governments, can unfortunately also be found in Switzerland, because former rulers who have witnessed everything are talking straight about what is really true and corresponds to the truth. 
And it has to be said that if such human beings fully stand up for the truth and say what the real truth is, then they are made a pig of and, if possible, publicly dragged through the mud by the media, which are no better than that fallible and ineffectual part of those in power, the authorities and politicians, who act perfidiously and disgustingly and lie to, deceive and bully the population, but are still highly ‘remunerated’ by their tax money. Now, if possible, those who ‘spill the beans’ and tell the truth, spread the truth and reveal the nasty and rotten machinations, which are effectively and really ‘driven’ by the government or also by the authorities, are not only silenced by lies, deceit and harassment, but also made correctly dead and thus eliminated from the world. I can ‘sing’ a 25-fold song of such attempts myself, although fortunately I was able to destroy the notes of this malicious and bad music and found it all just ridiculous. However, various witnesses who were directly present at such incidents and thus experienced everything were unable to do so. 
It should also be said that a vaccine against diseases or rampantly spreading diseases that is only partially effective or really fully effective is ‘found’ in painstaking laboratory work, which is really only possible through years of work, so usually in 10 or 15 years, if not in a much longer time. This is the case, for example, with the nasty malaria, whose single-cell pathogen was originally transmitted somehow from chimpanzees to human beings in ‘dark’ equatorial Africa, in 3 species, such as ‘malaria tropica’ = also called ‘falciparum malaria’, ‘malaria quartana’; which I myself am affected by and which is actually the rarest; then there is ‘malaria tertiana’. 
For malaria, the first result for a vaccine was only achieved after around 100 years of research, namely the malaria vaccine ‘Mosquirix’ (RTS,S/ASTO1). However, time will tell to what extent this vaccine developed by the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline in 2019 is ‘clean’ and also effective, as this vaccine is the first ever to be developed worldwide that is supposed to be effective against parasitic diseases. This is despite the fact that the first malaria vaccination trials were carried out as early as 1948, but were fundamentally useless and unsuccessful. There are records that as early as 1796 a scientist is said to have made an attempt to cure malaria by curing an 8-year-old boy with the secretion from pustules or cavities on the surface of the skin of a woman suffering from cowpox or infected by cowpox virus. However, to what extent this corresponds to the truth or not, if the old saying may be used, ‘the gods know’, as they say, because today this can no longer be verified, and there is not even any information about where this is supposed to have been. 
Now, with regard to the corona vaccinations, namely that many human beings died after vaccinations, it should be clear to any human being still capable of understanding and reason that the pharmaceutical companies were clearly acting criminally and even criminally for the sake of profit. This was particularly the case when, barely after the emergence of the Corona rampantly spreading disease, they threw ‘hot air’ onto the market as useless vaccines, costing the lives of over 22 million human beings. But idiots who do not understand this, even if they are in governments, politicians, ’emtlineiders’, otherwise right-wingers or sympathisers of such crooked elements and possibly ‘spying’ on getting to the helm of government themselves, do not want to admit it. 
Now, just how deceitfully, meanly, irresponsibly and idiotically lowly intelligent the citizens of all countries are treated worldwide in the aforementioned wise and how they are deceived, lied to and cheated by the unrighteous part of the authorities is also the case with regard to the increasingly frequent appearance of UFOs worldwide. Not only certain parts of government, but also the military and secret services are leading the people by the nose – also in Switzerland – and denying the existence of UFOs, although clear, tangible evidence of their existence exists. However, those persons who can provide such evidence are either simply declared insane and mentally ill, labelled as cranks or fantasists etc., have their memories erased, are given medication, persecuted, threatened, silenced or simply radically ‘eliminated from the world’ and thus murdered. This is done by simply claiming and lying that the people concerned had a ‘fatal accident’, that they were seriously ill or had suffered a ‘heart attack’ etc. But threats and such persecutions or deaths are never and never investigated and cleared up, because this is prevented by lies and deceit from parts of the government and the military, to which the authorities also play along in some places. In the least serious cases, the persons are branded and labelled as fantasists, brain patients, illusionists, madmen and cranks, or they are interned in ‘spinning windmills’ and even in asylums to keep them away from the public, to whom they could tell their observations or experiences. On the one hand, this is the image of the truth, while on the other hand, the true interests of those who are ‘keen’ to get hold of UFOs and their futuristic technology in order to abuse them for their own purposes and their lust for power and hegemony are concealed and not publicised. In this regard, the USA in particular should be mentioned, as well as Russia and China, but also smaller states. Certain elements in Switzerland are also endeavouring to deny and ridicule certain things when it comes to UFOs, but are obviously and undoubtedly so lowly intelligent with regard to surveillance etc. that it is hilariously stupid and so conspicuous that even the blind, deaf and insane can perceive and understand what is actually being played out. Well, it is probably not greed for power that is the driving force, but fear and uncertainty as to what is really going on, as well as influences from abroad, which I think is better to keep quiet about. The fact is, however, that it is mainly states like the USA, Russia and China – but above all the USA – that are ‘keen’ on the futuristic technology of UFOs and … America’s hegemonistic behaviour, which cannot be denied, does not even stop there, because the cowardly fear of those responsible leads them to shoot at the UFOs themselves, whose technology they want to use for their hegemonic behaviour, but are always unable to understand. But I think I have said enough on this subject, so I would like to return to what I started with, namely overpopulation. 
Unfortunately, people also lie and cheat about overpopulation and claim that it is much lower than it really is. The world population count clock supplies earthly humanity with false figures and deceives them, because at present it counts a world population of just 8 billion and around 155 million human beings, whereas in reality, according to Plejaren counts and data, 9 billion and 440 million human beings populate planet Earth, which corresponds to around 1 billion and 300 million more. And these figures are accurate and prove the world population clock to be a lie and a fraud, but this is not recognised by the ‘clever’ and loud-mouthed know-it-alls of the Earthlings, who supposedly deal ‘accurately’ with overpopulation and its horrendous mass and growth. For the future, these ‘experts’ claim that only in the year 2100 will there be between 9.4 and 12 billion human beings on Earth – whereby there is no mention of overpopulation at all. The following is all that is written: 
“However, this estimate is subject to uncertainty. Global migration is rapidly changing the populations of individual countries, as both birth rates and mortality rates may also change unexpectedly over the next 80 years. And that could lead to problems. 
Over the millennia, more than 198 billion human beings have been born on Earth. By mid-2019, the current world population had risen to 7.7 billion human beings (according to Plejaren data, however, it was around 9.100 billion). This means that we, who are currently alive, make up about 7 per cent (wrong earthly figures) of all human beings who have ever lived on Earth. And there will be more. Even more. The world’s population is growing rapidly. ‘It has been growing by around 80 million per year for four decades’ (wrong: according to Plejaren’s exact count, it averages 105 million per year), says Dr Reiner Klingholz, Director of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development.” 
End of quote. 
The exponential world population will probably come to an end at some point, because the destructive damage caused by overpopulation to the planet, to all ecosystems and thus to all nature and its fauna and flora, as well as the destruction and extinction, will take its revenge. On the one hand, the growth of overpopulation will continue to collapse because poverty and diseases and rampantly spreading diseases will become more and more rampant as evil epidemics and pandemics, just as wars will also cause a reduction in humanity worldwide. Climate change and the resulting catastrophes and the poisoning of the atmosphere will also take so many lives that the world’s population will decline, but this will not be enough to reduce overpopulation to such an extent that everyone can live a reasonably good and healthy life again and all existence on Earth can recover, normalise and function properly and correctly. 
The very fact that human beings are getting older and older and therefore living much longer, as well as the poisoning of the atmosphere, drug addiction and rising crime and crimes relating to human trafficking, murder and manslaughter will become more and more widespread in the future, just as overpopulation – contrary to false and mendacious claims and ‘clarifications’ to the contrary – is being irresponsibly and senselessly driven up, will cause more and more very unpleasant and evil things in the future, also with regard to the health of human beings, whose immunity in this regard is suffering damage. That is what I have to say this time regarding overpopulation.

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