The origin of the Peace Symbol

The wrong peace symbol – the globally widespread “death rune” which has been fabricated from the
Celtic Futhark runes or inverted Algiz rune – is the actual embodiment of negative influences and
evokes destructive thought feeling regarding war and hatred, revenge, vice, addictions and bondage,
because for many human beings the “death rune” evokes the memories of the Nazi era, of death
and ruin as well as ambitions concerning war, terror, destruction of human achievements,
livelihoods as well as global evil unpeace.
The false ‘peace symbol’, the death rune, was already designed as a ‘peace sign’ in 1958 by the
British artist Gerald Holtom. He made it on behalf of the British campaign for nuclear disarmament
for the world’s first Easter march in London against the Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Research
Centre. Holtom mistakenly described the death rune as a ‘peace symbol’, which he had combined
from two characters from the Winkeralphabet, whereby he chose an N, which stands for Nuclear,
and a D for disarmament, which is derived from the English Nuclear Disarmament. Then he had thus
unknowingly created and spread a symbol for death, unrest, murder and manslaughter as well as for
terror and war, hatred and disharmony etc
Therefore, it is of the utmost necessity that the wrong peace symbol, the “death rune”,
disappears from the world and that the correct peace symbol is spread and made known allover the world, because its central elements reflect peace, freedom, harmony,
strengthening of the life power, protection, growth and wisdom, have a constructive and
strongly soothing effect, and help peaceful-thought feeling to break through. Since this false
‘sign of peace’, which is anything but peace but symbolizes death and destruction to the contrary,
has been used, all evils have rapidly increased among earthly mankind, spreading and strongly
increasing to hatred, terror, discord and hostility etc.
Therefore, we appeal to all peace seeking and reasonable human beings, who are honestly
striving for peace, freedom, harmony, fairness, knowledge and evolution, to do, and give,
their best to spread the correct peace symbol worldwide and to bring forth clarification
about the dangerous and destructive use of the “death rune”, which in memory of the Nazi
crimes collectively furthers deterioration and terribleness in the reflecting and striving of
the human being, as this is still being extremely carried on after the end of the last world
war 1939–1945 until the current time

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