The Spiritual Teaching

Aside from the most popular topics of UFOs, ‘aliens’, extraterrestial contacts, photos, videos, substances and evidence etc. and the heated debates over their validity etc., which surround BEAM and the FIGU, it is the ‘Teaching of the Prophets, Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of the Living’, which are the most important part of the contacts and mission. The teaching of the living refers to all facts of the human existence, the consciousness-based and entire mental evolution, as also to the virtues, the development of the personality and of the character, to the correct mode of life, to interpersonal relationships and to partnership etc. The spiritual teaching on the other hand is directed towards all creational and natural principles in every respect, but also to the creational recommendations, which are regarded as recommendations for following, in order to fulfil the laws of the Creation. Over around ten thousand years ago the teaching was passed on more or less only verbally and only very sparsely offered in written form. This led to the fact that sectarian blood religions and religious or semi-religious organisations were able to entwine fabulous mysteries around the spiritual teaching, which led to monstrous falsification – until the present time. The laws and recommendations of the Creation and nature contain the actual teaching of the spirit, whose spreading is the most important task of the ‘Free Community of Interests’ with Billy Eduard Albert Meier.