Name  Meaning of the name  origin  Contact period  Age (year)  Age 2017First mention   
Sfath Jschwisch/ Ban-Srut Father of Ptaah and brother of Casill, father of Asket    Mighty the wisdomErra  1942-19531152 D. 1153 Contact Block 1 (How it all started) (Sfath’s explanation) Sa. 3.2.1945   
Asket Ischrisch Her father was Jschwisch Casill, a brother of SfathThe Even surmounting Casill = Commanding aweTimar DAL Universe3.2.1953 – 3.2.1964 further unofficial, purely private contacts) 07/17/1975; 02/03/2004347(1953)   401(2007)41130. Contact 15.7.1975 
Semjase Ptaah is her father Sister Pleija, brother Yucatan husband died since November 1984 for 70 years in the DAL universe  The demigoddess    Erra    28.1.1975 – 3.2.1984  330 (1975) 344 (1975)    372    1 Contact 28.1.1975     
Quetzal. Jschwisch Mother: 481 years old; Father: 483 years old (1987) Has four wives and six children.   Former personality: Gabriel = father of Jmmanuel. Quetzal is Sfath’s son  Feathered Serpentß ?     Gabrael = The Mighty of creationErra27.6.1975 – Present376 (2007)38622 Contact 28.5.1975   
Ptaah Jschwisch / Ban-Srut Married to three women. Three children: Daughters =Semjase, Pleija Son = yucatan   Great-great-great-grandfather from Ptaah was Hilak   Ptaah will live to be about 1218 years old. Responsible for Erra Alatides (Harkonen system). Sfath was his father.The life Wisdom lives   Yucatan = The Fast One   Hilak = The docileErra17.7.75 – Present759 (1976)80031 Contact 17.7.1975 
NeraThe loving companionTimar (DAL Universe)17.7.1975366(1975) 398(2007)40831 Contact 17.7.1975 
AndronThe mightyErra18.7.1975421(1975)463173 Contact 9.8.1982 
DanelWho lives in creationErra18.7.1975418(1975)460173 Contact 9.8.1982 
Pleija Sisterof SemjaseWhich the laws of Seventh honor  Erra28.6.976 – 12.4.2002305(1976) 336(2007)34655 Contact 14.6.1976 
MenaraGentle and brave in loveDeron29.7.1976; 2.7.2005285(1976) 316(2007)32661 Contact 29.7.1976 
RalaThe collectorErra28.9.1976;3.8.2002316(1976) 348(2007)35864 Contact 2.10.1976 
AlenaThe gentle and tender oneSater (Lyra system)6.7.1977;12.4.2002;2.7.2005267(1976) 297(2007)30778 Contact 6.7.1977 
AsinaThe sea dancerDeneb (Cygnus System)26.11.1977;26.9.200043(1977) 73(2007)8393 Contact 29.11.1977 
IsadosThe fair oneErra (Plej- System)21.12.1977; 3.8.2002 47696 Contact 21.12.1977 
Elektra Sister of MenaraThe amber princessErra (Plej- System)10.1.1982; 3.8.2002   352159 Contact 10.1.1982 
SanaShe who loves the worldDruan (Nol system)1983;3.8.2002 390329 Contact 3.8.2002 
EktolThe controller of thingsß ?Druan (Nol system)1983; 3.8.2002   455329 Contact 3.8.2002 
LumiaThe Grand Masterß?Druan (Nol system)1983;12.4.2002;2.7.2005 416325 Contact 12.4.2002 
TersWho knows no shynessDruan (Nol system)1983; 3.8.2002   438329 Contact 3.8.2002 
SolarOne that radiates warmthDeron (Wega system)5.3.1983; 12.4.2002; 2.7.2005 438325 Contact 12.4.2002 
TaljdaThe wonders of rainbowß?Njsan (Lyra system)5.3.1983; 12.4.2002;  2.7.2005; 14.7.2007 396182 Contact 3.2.1983 
ZeltanThe mightyDruan (Nol system)11.5.1985   259184 Contact 8.1.2004 
FlorenaThe blooming oneErra (Plej- System)1.11.1995-Present   184253 Contact 1.11.1995 
Tauron security analysis, biological & technical cyberneticsThe fighterErra (Plej- System)29.5.1999-Present   326273 Contact 29.5.1999 
Zafenatp-aneach Billy’s IT technician  The saviourErra (Plej- System)29.5.1999-Present   337273 Contact 29.5.1999 
Samjang “In addition to various other activities, I mainly focus on subatomic vacuum technology as well as subatomic crystal physics and crystal technology.”The lucky oneNysan (Lyra system)17.9.1999; 13.4.2000283(1999)301276 Contact 17.9.1999 
Enjana Girlfriend of FlorenaThe revelator    Neset (Dal system)25.3.2000- present217(2000)234281 Contact 25.3.2000 
Sudor Deputy of Zafenatpaneach. learned 18 different jobs including Ultra-subatomar- Computer technicianThe shoemakerAskal (Plej-System)5.6.2001-present278(2001)294303 Contact 5.6.2001 
Fetanika Sister of Zafenat Paneach  One from the starsErra (Plej-system)25.6.2001- present284(2007)305304 Contact 25.6.2001   
Taneta Sister of FlorenaThe offerer of thanksErra (Plej-system)25.6.2001 – present223(2001)239304 Contact 25.6.2001 
Tanissa Florena’s closest friend and dating ZafenatpaneachThe good judgeNeset (DAL universe)25.6.2001 – present298(2001)314304 Contact 25.6.2001 
Nefratisa Powers with SudorThe one that is magicalLuseta (Plej-system)25.6.2001 – present211(2001)227304 Contact 25.6.2001 
Gaudon in a relationship with QuedaThe rejoicing knightErra (Plej-system)2.7.2001 – present203(2001)219305 Contact 2.7.2001 
Queda In a relationship with Gaudon. «Trained in Paleontology, paleohistology, paleoclimatology, paleentology and paleogeography as well as paleolithicology according to earth terms.That cares for the bloomErra (Plej-system)2.7.2001 – present160(2001)176305 Contact 2.7.2001 
InobeaWho is like a queenErra (Plej-system)26.8.2001 – present93(2001)109310 Contact 26.8.2001 
Melchora spirit guideThe light queenErra (Plej-system)3.8.2002496(2002) 501(2007)511329 Contact 3.8.2002 
Urlana spirit guideThe intrepidErra (Plej-system)3.8.2002;27.4.2005583(2002) 588(2007)598329 Contact 3.8.2002 
Jaspan spirit guideThe one like jewel  Erra (Plej-system)3.8.2002509(2002) 514(2007)524329 Contact 3.8.2002 
Najdescha Trained gardener, works with her husband in a monitoring system of the natural food production. She has three children, two daughters and a son, all of whom work in Ptaah’s greater area.Bringer of hopeErra (Plej-system)28.4.2005422(20050434386 Contact 28.4.2005 
Cladena-AikarinaCladena = who always finds the truth; Aikarina = The ImmaculateErra (Pleja-system)2.7.200511(2005)23393 Contact 2.7.2005 
SusankaGuardian of the LiliesErra (Pleja-system)7.1.2006411(2006)422409 Contact 7.1.2006 
SugamThe honest oneBardan (Coma-Galaxie)30.7.200670(2006)81430 Contact 30.7.20006 
XeruelaGirlfriend in needErra (Pleja-system)4.8.2007122(2007)132454 Contact 4.8.2007 
XeruelFriend in needErra (Pleja-system)4.8.2007122(2007)132454 Contact 4.8.2007 
Xeruala Siblings, triplets; Cyberneticists, geologists, controllers, biologistsGirlfriend in agony –?Erra (Pleja-system)4.8.2007122(2007)132454 Contact 4.8.2007 
SafarinaThat goes with joyErra (Pleja-system)1.10.2008236(2008)245472 Contact 1.10.2008 
Xawaadon Uncle of Cladena-AikarinaThat is loved by godsErra (Pleja-system)1.10.2012, 18.10.2012298(2012)303545 Contact 1.10.2012 
JogandaThe in-itself-?Erra (Pleja-system)13.3.2016362(2016)363647 Contact 13.3.2016 
YanararaThe bright and radiantSonara (DAL-Universe)3.2.2017 – present314(2017) 664 Contact 19.11.2016 
LaridschaThe swarming oneErra (Pleja-system)10.7.2017 – present298(2017) 684 Contact 8.7.2017 
Quorga  The light-heartedErra (Pleja-system)10.7.2017428(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
BermundaOne of which is very powerfulErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present403(2017)231685 Contact 10.7.2017 
BerzaljaThe analyzerErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present389(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
EsentaOne who gets to the bottom of everythingErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present211(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
EtikaThe moral oneErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present318(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
KolkosOne who works with everyoneErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present508(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
LaabanOne who sets the field signsErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present491(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
SaroldOne who appreciates orderErra (Plej-system)10.7.2017 – present504(2017) 685 Contact 10.7.2017 
Quinto «… Observation and assessment of political movements and machinations of all resorts of all states, such as direct, indirect, open and secret government, as well as their advisors and lobbyists, as well as secret services, the entire military system and the extensive economic system. The observation, assessment and evaluation of the extensive foreign policy, but also religious influences. Specialize in the most important of all forms and facts regarding the USA, the EU and Russia. »One whom trust is placedErra (Plej-system)4.4.2018761(2018) 706 Contact 4.4.2018