The Journey of Life by Billy Meier

The development of the Brain, the Brain Quotient is the amount of the Brain that will be capable to
be used by the Material Consciousness. The Brain Quotient is therefore the percentage of the Brain
that is in use. The rest of the Brain once developed goes to waste. A Brain Quotient of 10% simply
means 10% of the total Brain capacity is capable of being used. The more the Human Being
consciously develops and evolves through reincarnations the more the Human Being is capable of
using more Brain Quotient. The Spiritual Consciousness and the capability of the Spirit-form to use
more Brain Quotient exists but as a safe guard the Brain Quotient is always lower than that which
the Spiritual Consciousness and the capability of the Spirit-form is capable of using. If a normal
evolution is attained then the Brain Quotient of the Human Being will increase 1% for every 1000
years. However this is rarely possible as evolution and de-evolution exists and the Brain Quotient
fluctuates in percentage over 1000’s of years. Once a human being reaches 100% brain Quotient,
reincarnations in physical body come to an end and the spirit form of the human becomes conscious
of itself and continues its evolution only in the spiritual realms.
The female Human Being, as a rule, uses more equal amounts of both sides of the Brain whereby the
male Human Being uses more of one side. This enables the female Human Being to better cope and
adjust to changes in life, for example child birth and the bonding between mother and child during
upbringing. This is not to say that males do not possess this ability to bond, however the females are
able to adapt more and easier. This is also the case for the relationship between male and female
adults. The female is able to adapt more to relationships and personal circumstances then the male
within the relationship.
Truly, the purpose of the Human Being is to evolve to help the Creation evolve. The Spirit-form
reincarnates million fold times into new Human Beings in the first stage of this evolution and
development of the consciousness. The first stage is the only stage where the Spirit-form
reincarnates into material Human Bodies.
The Material Life is the time in which it takes for the Human Being to develop 100% intelligence
Brain Quotient. The average time for the Human Being to develop 100% intelligence Brain Quotient
is 50,000,000 with a minimum of 40,000,000 years. For the Earth Human a 60 million year maximum
time span is calculated to which the Spirit-form spends 18.000.000 years in a Human Body and
42.000.000 years in between reincarnations. Once an 100% intelligence Brain Quotient is reach the
Spirit-form enters into the next level, High Council.

●High Council
The reincarnation of the Spirit-form ends and dwells within a human body which is half material
and the material/body becomes more finer as time passes. This level leads up to the level of
Arahat Athersata-level.

●Pure Spirit Levels
The seven pure spirit levels are:
1- Arahat Athersata
2- Lantano-Bodhivar
3- Absaly
4- Darman
5- Euchare
6- Logon
7- Petale.
In these levels no material body or fine material body is needed to further evolve in a
consciousness related manner. Therefore no reincarnation is present.

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