The FIGU Society Switzerland


The free community of interests is an internationally active, non-religious and non-political community of like-minded human beings, who are in search of the truth and make an effort to bring their thoughts, feelings and actions into line with natural-creational guidelines. The FIGU is organised as a not-for-profit society according to Swiss ZGB (civil-law-book) article 60ff.

It is funded by voluntary contributions of members, by donations of observing benefactors as well as by the sale of books, writings and photos etc.

The objective of FIGU is the worldwide dissemination of the truth, together with ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) and with the assistance of the Plejaren and other life forms of non-earthly origin, who are knowledgeable of the truth however and since time immemorial lead their lives according to the universal truth and according to peaceful criteria and the same effects.

The struggle for the truth is a struggle against lies, untruth and false teaching, which must be led with the means of information and instruction. The FIGU informs about the truth on each issue, and it allows each human being the right to his or her own opinion. The FIGU works in no manner and in no tendency towards proselytising and hence not in the sense of ‘searching for and producing followers and believers’.