The Rise and Fall of Atlantis and Mu

Now, however, I just would like to sound you out thoroughly in regard to Atlantis and Mu. You have promised me already more than a year ago, that you would give me enough information about it. In the meantime, concerning this question, you have probably made a few remarks, but you have not yet given exhaustive information and explanations.

Certainly, I explained to you at that time that I would inform you when the time is ripe for
I know that, but is it not then yet?

The time has arrived, to speak about it.
It pleases me; then go for it. I am all ears.

As I already explained at an earlier point in time, Atlantis and Mu destroyed one another.

However, this was a peculiar case and I have to begin to recount from a very early time.

About 150,000 Earth-years ago, after a very long time of wars and of uprisings, our home
planets finally found peace and freedom.

Many millennia after[1] the creation of calmness, peace and freedom however, a scientist
called PELEGON made himself the leader of a group consisting of about 70,000 human
beings, and with their help he appropriated numerous large space ships and fled.

As a great scientist it was an easy thing for him to force the 70,000 strong group under his
control and to bring them to the Earth in a frantic escape through space and time.

On board of his stolen space ships were close to two hundred very good scientists of the
most varied fields of knowledge.

From them, and also from the whole group, Pelegon was unanimously accepted as god,
thus as the king of wisdom and leader.

During the following millennia their descendants lived on the Earth and built up a high

They built many and large cities and inhabited all continents of the Earth.

Their flourishing lasted close to 10,000 years.

During this time all went well and everything found a very high level of development.

However, before the 10,000 years were completed, dissatisfaction erupted again through
the lust for might of some that were greedy for might, which led to deadly wars that made the
entire Earth tremble with wild war cries.

An Earth world war took place to the extent as has never happened before and has not
been brought to Earth since.

Everything, but really completely everything that the ones who had come from space had
built up, was destroyed and annihilated and only a few thousand human beings of these
extraterrestrials survived the tremendous catastrophe.

These, however, fled with good and far-reaching space ships out into space and settled on
foreign worlds.

Only a very small remnant remained on the destroyed Earth and degenerated completely,
whereby they lived completely separately from the small group of Earth-born humans of that

When after around 7,000 years the distant descendants of the ones that fled came back to
Earth, they therefore found only extremely wild and degenerated individuals of their
forefathers, who lived, as said before, far away from the Earth-humans.

The return of the descendants of the former fugitives happened again under the leadership
of a god, under whose rule Mu as well as Greater Atlantis and Lesser Atlantis were built.

At that time Greater Atlantis and Mu were the two most gigantic cities which had ever
been built on the Earth, and for the sake of peace they were built on two different continents.

Again a high culture was built up and everything began to blossom.

During a few millennia complete unity and peace prevailed, before some scientists, in their
greed for might, ausarteten [got very badly out of control of the good human] nature again,
and with all means available to them, tried to seize dominion.

The peoples however, with the distant memory of the wars of their forefathers, rose up
against the might-craving scientists, so the scientists had to flee.

Through some allies that were well disposed towards them, they were able to appropriate
several spaceships and fled into outer space.

Calculated in Earth years this was a little more than 150,000 years ago.

During the following tens of thousands of years, these evil-minded refugees lived in a
different space and time configuration to our Pleiades, in a neighbouring solar system, fathered
many descendants and developed a high technology, which offered them tremendous

This technology, however, they furthered only in hatred and revenge, because they thereby
wanted to bring the Earth under their Gewalt.[3]

Through their government, the hatred and pathological craving for revenge of the
descendants, was constantly stirred up and driven so far that, in their own ranks, a certain
order could be maintained only with very great effort and dreadful punishments.

Thus a people of malicious and bestial nature came into being.

It was also their hatred through which the average life expectancy of these hate-filled
human beings was driven up by means of research, gene manipulation and through mutations,
and so forth, so that in the end it amounted to several thousands of years.

Each individual human being of this people was taught in the art of war and in the most
outrageous intrigues.

After two thousand years these hateful people had progressed so far that an attack on the
Earth could be considered.

Thus they got on their way, climbed on board of their large space ships and came to the

This was around 103,000 Earth years ago.

Their leader was the jschwjsch Arus (JHWH), the barbarian; and scientist of an extremely
bestial disposition and of coercive might.

For his help he had appointed many scientists of most varied disciplines as deputies and
sub-leaders, 200 in number.

Suddenly and predatorily they pounced on the Earth and stole new land for themselves,
thus they were then able to colonise the north of America.

It is the present day Florida, which came to rest in the present day south only due to a shift
of the Earth.

From there they won a great might over the Earth for themselves, whereby they
continuously fought Atlantis and Mu.

Constantly they pushed forward to Greater Atlantis and Mu, in order to bring these cities
into their possession through acts of war.

Thus for many further millennia, world-wide wars blazed, before evil elements of the hatefilled human beings were able to infiltrate into the ruling elite of Atlantis and Mu, who secretly
stirred up hatred and Gewalt, until Greater Atlantis and Mu were completely destroyed
through the intrigues, whereby few survivors went into servitude, while great scientists were
able to flee with their space ships and returned to the former home-worlds of our seven-stars,
being our Pleiades, which were settled by the earliest forefathers when they left their original
home worlds in another space-time configuration in the Vega-Lyra-region.

However, the form in which Greater Atlantis and Mu were destroyed was of such intrigues
and full of horror that, in the history of the human beings of the Earth, it will probably never
be paralleled:

The intriguers stirred up malicious machinations between the Atlantians and the citizens
of Mu, which led to mutual actions of war.

Between both arose malicious hatred and the will to destroy.

Mu, which was in the Gobi desert, feuded with Greater Atlantis, which was built in the
great island kingdom between present day Africa and America, before it sank in the Atlantic
due to the greatest earthly war-catastrophe of all past and probably also future times, leaving
behind only a few small islands, which today you call the Azores.

At their time, the war powers of Mu and Atlantis were of horrendous might and size and
equipped with the highest technological achievements.

So, Greater Atlantis alone had at its disposal an army of 4.83 million (4,830,000) men,
which was equipped with small-combat-beamships.

Furthermore, the government of Atlantis commanded a giant fleet of 123,000 units of
single-person-destroyers, miniature beam ships for close Earth combat.

In addition there existed another 16,431 eliminator units, miniature beam ships, which,
through the effects of heat, were able to totally eliminate all material within fractions of a

Finally they were equipped also with 24,230 overkill-beamers, each of which required 10
people to operate and were installed in midrange-beamships.

To this tremendous might Mu was inferior, which however did not make it less dangerous
for the Greater Atlantians, because the Mu scientists had likewise developed very dangerous
weapons, which in many ways were even more dangerous and more destructive than
everything of the Atlantians altogether.

The scientists of Mu had in fact discovered powers, which made it possible for them to
convert entire small planets into all-destroying space bombs, by pulling them out of their orbit
of millions of years and with extreme precision steering them onto a carefully determined
target of another planet and letting them crash down with devastating force and explode above
the target, and it was exactly this frightful weapon they used when Greater Atlantis
commenced the full-scale attack against Mu.

The best and the most suitable scientists of Mu were charged with finding a suitable
planetoid which could be used as a deadly and annihilating missile against Atlantis.

Thus they flew with their ships out into space and found in the asteroid belt, outside of the
Mars orbit, an object suitable for their purpose.

It was a planetoid of several kilometres diameter, however we are not able to analyse its
exact size anymore.

By means of atomic and electro-energetic energies it was thrown out of its orbit and
brought onto course towards Earth.

After that the planetoid’s own rotation was slowed down and brought to a standstill,
whereupon on the side turned away from the Earth, a drive unit of gigantic size was installed
for the purpose of a tremendous acceleration of the small planet, which was supposed to be
directed to its destination with breakneck speed.

Only less than half a day before the full-scale attack of Atlantis against Mu, the deadly
space bomb was completed, a death-messenger of human insanity and of tremendous

When Atlantis undertook the attack, the producers of the death missile were informed
within a few seconds, by means of hyperwave-impulses, about the oncoming events and were
charged with allowing the death missile to take off.

A few seconds after receiving the command, on the side of the planetoid facing away from
the Earth, a thousand suns appeared to race into the dark space and with gigantic force the
monster started moving.

Very quickly the speed of the messenger of death increased, steered by scientists
controlling the monster, who were sitting on the planetoid completing their task and thereby
were doomed to die.

In the meantime on the Earth the Atlantians eliminated the city of Mu and levelled it.

Whoever had not fled into the satellite cities thousands of metres deep underground or into
space, perished in the totally eliminating rays of the Atlantians and nothing bore witness
anymore to their former existence.

The victorious Atlantians however returned to their gigantic island kingdom and
celebrated their victory achieved over Mu in a true delirium of joy.

However, their joy did not last long because they had barely begun their festivities when
messages came thick and fast in regard to the danger rushing towards them through space.

Only a few high government officials and scientists were still able to clear out and flee
with their spaceships into space before the catastrophe was unleashed over Atlantis and made
it sink into the sea.

The ones left behind and doomed to die saw the disaster racing towards them, high in the
sky and far in the northwest above the sea and the far continent.

As if out of nothing a dark celestial body suddenly appeared, which advanced at frantic
speed with its far side blasting off blinding light.

The colossus came rushing in quite low and in a few seconds turned into a giant.

First only visible like a small shooting star, in a few seconds it turned to a gigantic size
with a fiery tail.

Fascinated and transfixed, dilated pupils from fright, the human beings stared ominously
towards the approaching monster, which so completely silently sped towards them, then
however suddenly gave out an unbearable howling sound, as it plunged into and rubbed
against the first levels of the atmosphere of the Earth inducing its resistance.

Two seconds later the planetoid began to glow like a supernova and created a heat of more
than 340,000 degrees.

In a split second vast areas of country burnt to smouldering ash, when the enormous heat
fell down from the speeding giant.

Then the space bomb suddenly exploded at less than 172 kilometres altitude and
transformed into many thousands of small and larger meteorites, which, like small atomic
bombs, were catapulted to Earth and with devastating impact destroyed everything that got in
the way and which was in the areas of impact and shock-waves.

Through the tremendous explosion the whole Earth was shaken and the thunder of the
explosion rolled around the entire globe.

The planet was shaken badly and many volcanos erupted out of it.

Two large parts of the exploding planetoid crashed like titanic fists into the Atlantic and
pierced through the hard crust of the Earth on the bottom of the ocean.

It was as if the world was going under, because the power of impact of the debris was
greater than many hydrogen bombs such as you insanely possess today.

Deep in the ocean the Earth’s crust was torn apart and the way opened for the boiling hot
and glowing magma of the inner Earth, which now viscously poured out.

The seawater began to bubble and boil, vaporising masses of water which shot up into the
atmosphere, up to 35,000 metres high.

Through all of this happening, the wild ocean was thrown up into a gigantic tsunami wave,
which surged forward with frantic speed and a height of 2,300 metres, pulled along everything
and simply let entire countries sink into the water, or at least destroyed whatever was in its

The island empire of Atlantis however sank within a few minutes in the raging waters of
the Atlantic, without even leaving one single surviving life form behind.

The capital city, which was built like a beam ship, was torn into several pieces and sank
with the foundation.

This is how the event with Atlantis and Mu unfolded about 9,500 years before today’s
Fantastic. But from where do you have this knowledge?

It was handed down to us.
Phenomenal – but you said just a moment ago, that these events belong to the past 9,500 years
before our calendar, as you say. Is this date exact?

Certainly, up to two years exactly. Calculated back it is exactly 9,498 years before the start of the current calendar. If you go from the year 2,000 then it is exactly 11,498 years.
I cannot believe it.

You doubt my information?
Certainly not.


Collective contact reports on Atlantis:

Atlantis according to Plato!

Semjase explained to Billy at some stage that Otto Muck in a past life was Plato, obviously as this was a past life there is no direct connection, only that Otto Muck must have perceived the wisdom he collected during that particular time in this time, as a consequence he got much of the information in this book correct, as the cognitions he had were stronger than they would have been, and therefore to see this particular book “The Secret Of Atlantis” as an interest if and when studying the Atlantis subject and historical sequence, globalisation. Enjoy, in memory of Otto Muck 1892-1956.

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