Welcome to the homepage of FIGU Interessengruppe New Zealand

FIGU is an acronym for the German words “Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell” which means
Free Community of Interests Universal.

The FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen based in Auckland, is the official group representing FIGU in New Zealand.

Some of our goals include:

• to shed light on matters relating to the Billy Meier case and his teaching to residents of New Zealand.
• to publicize current as well as new English translations of FIGU material.
• to promote books published by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier.
• to hold regular public meetings.
• to assist those who want to know more about the creational truth.
• to provide seekers a brief overview of our activities as members of FIGU-Interessengruppe New Zealand.
• to pass on the torch of truth to those willing to carry it.

The Creation

Creation is that which is responsible for the Universe and all life. It is the most primal, immense and greatest power which one can only ever imagine. The Creation is the BEING and Non-Being of the life. It is the most tremendous mass of spiritual energy that can possibly be. It is spirit in the purest form and is immeasurable in its wisdom. However, even though the Creation is the most absolutely fully developed which the human being knows or believes to know, it must incessantly always further relatively absolutely fulfil and evolve itself. Thus the Creation incessantly always brings forth new new-spirit-clusters, which in the form of a human spirit, ‘animates’ (inhabits) the human being. This human spirit now has its mission to fulfil, in that it, through countless rebirths, incessantly advances and develops further and reaches the relative absolute fulfilment. Once this occurs through countless lives, then the spirit returns back to the Creation and becomes one with it, through which the Creation further relatively absolutely fulfils itself and always becomes more immense. However, the spirit of the human being in its beginning is fully unknowing and devoid, so it must slowly store knowledge and wisdom within itself and evolve itself. The more lives the spirit has behind it, the more knowing and wiser it becomes. And only spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom characterise the human being, his/her life and his/her consciousness. From this one is to recognise: the more humanly and worldly a human being thinks and acts, the more underdeveloped he/she is in the spirit and in the consciousness, because worldly and human thinking means that a human being stands at a primary, and still much in need of progress, stage of the spiritual and consciousness-based evolution. In general, the mass of humankind is quite consciously kept at this stage by authorities and governments; partly because they, themselves, are not instructed any better, but also partly because through it, the human being can become subjugated and suppressed.

Billy, FIGU Switzerland.

Dont Believe, Think for Yourself (FIGU Documentary 2019)