Connection of Man and Woman

1. Man and woman and their relationships to one another, neither one nor the other must be indifferent because together they guarantee the progress and survival of humankind.

2. Both can avoid each other in fact and go on their own ways being single, however, from the moment that they bring forth feelings for one another and care for one another, reciprocal obligations also arise to which respect must be given and that must become fulfilled.

3. Man and woman must not only oppose each other kindly but also honour each other and behave humanely to one another in order to be able to guarantee an agreeable and dignified life together.

4. Neither man nor woman may be dominating and ruling over the other, but a constant equality and equal rights must be perceived and maintained.

5. Neither man nor woman are allowed to take advantage or to cheat, to mistreat, suppress or become harmed in some other way and in every case, both are always to be esteemed and treated as human beings.

6. Whatever is done between man and woman should always be decent, humane and correct, and indeed, irrespective of whether a bond exists between them or not.

7. Therefore, before each deed and before each word, quiet and thorough consideration should be given whether or not it is right to act or to speak.

8. Therefore man as well as woman should always ask if that, which should be done or said, would they themselves also be able to endure if it was said to them or another.

9. And always, what one or another is instructed to carry out, it should first be thought over whether the task could be fulfilled by oneself.

10. Therefore, a connecting relationship between man and woman is not just an empty, stale word, but in each form, is a profound commitment that two human beings enter into for one another.

11. And first when man and woman set down their relationships for one another into obligatory form, can it become clear what is human, correct and rational.

12. Each human being, whether man or woman, is connected to the other gender and every other human being, through which all human beings are obligated to one another, which however especially comes to validity in the connecting between man and woman.

13. The connective relationship is both in the treatment, as well as in keeping the word in honour, consequently, one should not address the other the way one pleases because the word also needs respect. Subsequently, only in an emergency should a voice become drowned out with a plausible and logical objection.

14. However, it should not also be that much is spoken and with it, nothing is said, whereby the other side is driven into anger, impatience and confusion.

15. In fact, it is already the reason to search for a short and succinct, relevant speech which one considers as good manners; however, over and above that, it is to be heeded that the word’s worth goes so far, that this is the right of the person speaking to not have their speech interrupted, if it isn’t called for by logical necessity.

16. This should be valid between both man and woman as well as between all human beings.

17. And it is in the special connection between man and woman that this action is so required, because the same rights should apply to both.

18. However, in the connection, the virtue of the gratitude shall also be given for and towards one another, but also not by exaggerating the virtue, the demands and the giving of thanks.

19. When a connective relationship exists between man and woman, also between other human beings, then they do not speak badly against each other and above one another.

20. An honest connection among themselves does not let bad and evil words arise, because sincere feelings emerge from sincere thoughts that reach to the other.

21. If the other human being is sensitive, then he or she feels the strength of the thoughts and feelings that are brought to him/her and he or she is also able to read these in the face.

22. Namely, the face of the human being is like a mirror which reflects what is brought to him or her in thoughts and feelings.

23. And how important therefore is a basic honesty and profound connection between man and woman, that lead a life and a family together.

24. But in their connected relationship they are a unity with equal rights – even when the world, with many unconnected human beings, resembles a madhouse in which the relationship and connection are often only empty phrases, as unfortunately, the reflections of the inner nature of the human beings are evident in their faces.

25. So much appears to be hidden for the human being, but in reality, everything is obvious, or at least everything comes to light sooner or later and becomes evident.

26. How great is the power of connection of man and woman, very rarely becomes considered; always presupposing that the connection of the relationship is honest, deep and conscious, because only through these can an equal rights occur that is both progressive and humane.

27. If this connection is not given, then bad and evil emerge, whereby not many are able to keep on the right path of the life and the progress, because they change for the worst and defame each honest connection of man and woman, as well as among the human beings.



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