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Role of Creation

Creation plays a very significant role in human evolution and that of all other life, for every life form carries within it a minute piece of Creation, which provides life to all life. Without this minute particle of Creational spirit not one single life form would exist, for this Creational spirit is the actual, fundamental […]

The Might of Music

Excerpt from Contact report 634: Ptaah: Of course I can, and so I want to explain the following: There are many types of music, such as aggressive, frightening, provocative, buoyant,malicious, exciting, humiliating, gloomy, delightful, dangerous, violent, horrifying,harmonious, humorous, jubilant, combative, warlike, boring, lovely, loving, murderous,coercing, unconscious, paranoid, psychopathic, riotous, revolting, creeping, longing, sensual,falling in love, […]

Creation Energy (archaically known as Spirit)

Spirit: Being of creative energy and Creation itself. The all-becoming, all-creative and all-stimulating. The Ur-Energy of all BEING = Spiritenergy = Spiritform = immortal. The spirit is an idea itself, concentrated to spiritual-energy in itself. The spirit is a Creation of the Creation itself in order help itself to evolve to a higher level. The […]


The human being has something in his/her spirit-consciousness and in his/her material consciousness that fundamentally first makes them into the human being, so namely, their rationality, their intellect, their sageness and their morals. All these factors together one names RATIO. If now the word RATIO is employed in the future in the study material instead […]