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If the life is viewed and considered in all its situations and variations, then it can be
recognised that life means a constant struggle, a continuous careful study of one’s own
innermost (self) and outer self. The innermost self, which exists in the deepest consciousness,
reflects the values of the creational spirit, but in opposition to that, the human being forms the
outer self, the outer personality, according to his/her own views and understandings, by
means of his/her thoughts and feelings and will. And, as a rule, this outer self, this outer
personality, which is also released outwardly in the environment as one’s conduct, completely
contradicts the innermost self which has a creationally-given nature.
In the constant argument between the two forms of self, other factors continually attempt to
interfere, which overlayingly and superficially fight again and again to misguidingly shove
themselves above the current occurrences of self-struggle. However, the innermost self
nonetheless incessantly struggles through again and again, and again and again always
drowns out and covers over the outer self, which is foreign to Creation and is created by the
human being himself/herself. It is always there, constantly ready to break through the
accumulated, tangled confusion of the outer personality in order to allow the human being’s
thinking and feeling to assiduously flourish and be effective, in accordance with the
innermost creational self. This may very often only happen allusively, but it also proves its
existence through the human becoming contemplative and contemplating the most varied
things, events and situations as well as his/her behaviour and virtues, and so forth – even if
that often only happens for extremely short periods, without great effect, and calls forth no
noteworthy change of the external self, the external personality. Nonetheless, the innermost
self constantly has the power to bring at least a vague smile to the human being’s facial
features, even if this is only brief and barely noticeable. However, this fine smile testifies that
the innermost, the spiritual, the creational self, without doubt stands above everything;
invulnerable, exalted and wise, quite in contrast to the outer self, the outer personality, which
is positioned outwardly for show and through which the human abases himself/herself and
presses himself/herself into the dust.
The human being’s innermost, spiritual-creational self is his/her most precious possession, the
most valuable pearl of his/her life, the greatest of all treasures concealed in him/her and the
greatest value that he/she carries around with himself/herself. His/her innermost self, his/her
true self, which has a creational nature, is the true stone of wisdom. It does not consist of
silver, gold or precious stone, rather, it consists of creational energy and true creational love –
constantly ready to penetrate the human being’s deepest consciousness and also his/her
external consciousness, so that he/she listens to it and orientates himself/herself accordingly,
in order to live in the creational-natural sense, to be progressive and to fulfil his/her life
according to the laws and recommendations. But the human being almost never listens to the
call of the innermost spiritual-creational self and only seldom feels its pulsating impulses
which call upon him/her to really live, to be human, to create knowledge, true love and
wisdom, and to be evolutive.
The true innermost, spiritual-creational self, is the eternal light, the radiating shine of the allgreat-time – in all the darkness and gloominess which surrounds the human being in his/her
life led in a self-willed form. The true, innermost self wants to make the human being into a
king and emperor over himself/herself – but it is this human being who, in irrationality and
imperiousness, counteracts and disgracefully misuses and abuses the true, innermost self,
because he/she frantically seeks his/her external self-realization, and the realization of his/her
external personality, outside of all the creational-natural values of his/her innermost self. But
it is nonetheless always quite close to the human being – in every single moment. It must
only be recognized, understood and utilized. Only the human being’s union with his/her
innermost spiritual-creational self, makes him/her fertile in the regard that he/she recognizes
himself/herself in his/her deepest depths of his/her consciousness, and from that can create a
conscious, healthy and positive self-realization. And if he/she manages to do that, then he/she
is able to bring everything imaginable to fruition which is anchored in his/her capabilities and
possibilities. But for millennia, the human being in general, and the great majority of his/her
kind, has not been striving especially for these high values, for which reason, for millennia, it
has always only been individuals who have connected with their innermost selves, and
thereby gained great cognitions by means of which they became wise, and produced many
kinds of progress for all human beings; consequently they were the true cause for the entire
further development in regard to love, truth, wisdom, harmony, knowledge, peace and
freedom, even when all these values were always trampled underfoot again and again by
elements who were criminals against humanity, and they will also still be further trampled in
the new age. However, it was nevertheless the impulses of the human being’s innermost, true,
spiritual-creational self from which the motivation was formed, by means of which the
human being developed. And it was these impulsive motivations of the innermost self from
which all progress of every kind came forth, because by penetrating into the deepest layers of
the human being’s consciousness and then into his/her open consciousness, into his/her
personality and into his/her thinking and contemplation, they formed not only him/her, rather
also the entire terrestrial environment and all sciences which exist. The impulses of the
innermost self, from which also the power of knowledge and of contemplation as well as the
creation of ideas comes forth, transformed everything via the material consciousness and
thereby, if they were heeded, always again and again created new and better inner and outer
conditions. However, that only came about because of exceptions, because always only a few
turned to the innermost values and behaved and developed accordingly, while the majority of
the mass of humanity did not care about it, and still even today it does not; consequently it
will also only ever be a few in the future who pay heed to the innermost self. The fact is that
in most human beings the conscious sense for the innermost self and its immeasurable values,
has wasted away and has disappeared. But that cannot continue to be accepted, because the
future does not stand still and it demands constant progress. Therefore the human being in the
new age, today and tomorrow and in all of the future, will have to gradually move to turn
around, whether he/she likes it or not, because this is absolutely necessary for the conscious
The human being must learn again to return to his/her deepest, innermost values and
imperishable treasures, for which he/she has searched for a very, very long time, only in
his/her external personality, in his/her external self and also beyond this in the pure material
world. As a result of this wrong attitude, the correct measure of life and the presence of
his/her innermost self were lost to him/her, therefore he/she now must again learn to find
these things and use them in order to be able to equalise all extremes, and to finally be again
able to advance to that which is essential and actually valuable, and to recognise the true
sense of the life, which lies in the conscious evolution. Thereby, it is to be wished for that all
those who look very much further than the average human being and who consciously allow
themselves to be led and guided by their innermost self, the spiritual-creational power, will be
acknowledged and honourably respected in dignity by those fellow human beings, who in this
regard are still uneducated and still misguidedly stand in opposition to the whole thing, and
those who are straggling far behind. However, the number of all those who still err, who are
still unknowing or who doubtingly stand in opposition to everything, and so forth, is very
great. But they are all human beings who must learn, recognise and evolve even if they err
and err again and again. However, the question is, how much irrationality, confusion and
bewilderment are still required before even the very last human being on the Earth finally has
grasped essentially where life’s way and the evolutionary way ought to lead, and where these
actually do lead. And to go both these ways is not actually easy, because the entire life and
the evolving, means struggle, even in the love, truth, wisdom and harmony and even so in the
freedom and joy as well as in the peace and in the feelings for others and in being human in
the true sense, and so forth.
As a human being, one must never forget the sense of the life and never the existence of the
innermost self. Only in one situation – namely when one is overcome by current events or if
one is occupied with things that are established outside of the high values of the sense of life
and of the innermost self – may one sometimes briefly give oneself over to forgetfulness. So,
it does not mean that one must constantly only dedicate oneself to the evolution, rather that
one has the freedom to occupy oneself also with different, and purely worldly, things. Yet
one ought to always be mindful of this: that everything worldly is only a concurrent matter in
the happenings of the sense of life and thereby in the happenings of the evolution – a matter
which is indeed necessary, but which ought never to be overvalued. If one lives correctly, the
life consists of a fascination about the eternal becoming and passing, and of the constant up
and down and back and forth of all necessary things and motions, which call forth
transformations and which are required for the entire life and evolution, as well as for the
everyday life of the human being. Yet, for the human being, along with the material
existence, exists the existence of the spiritual- creational, which is the actual and true life.
Therefore, for him/her, the single hope is that which is inescapable, and the higher, joyous
Ziel of going over into the next highest level, where, however, all instruction and all learning
continue. Therefore, the human being must always – and even right here and now, in this
moment – make the effort to do his/her duty. If one views and considers all the wonders of
nature which have come forth from the creational spirit and its energy, then for a few fleeting
moments one captures the power and beauty of the creational spirit, the fine- spiritual perception of which one, as a human being, can sometimes capture in certain moments. To that end, however, the elevated, easy manner of living this relaxed, uncramped way, which is
only characteristic of a few human beings, is an urgent and unforgoable prerequisite.

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